The Open Door Chorus

We are a no audition, open Community Chorus. Anyone can attend whenever they can. There are no requirements for age or ability. Music-reading ability is not required. We will be using music sheets and lyric sheets to the extent that they are useful to the individual singers,  but always have some completely "by ear" pieces at every session.

Repertoire is also open although we tend to choose pieces that reflect positive social values, ethnic diversity, and are from the "folky" world. If we choose to sing a piece that represents a particular faith or belief system (Like a traditional gospel tune), we will balance that selection with choices representing a diversity of faiths.
The sessions as having three types of material.
1. Warmups, and easy warmup songs
2. Working pieces
3. Songs for fun

We take a short break in the session, and some folks choose to bring snacks and drinks.

Upcoming Events

May 11 2:00pm The Chelsea Senior residence center

                           440 York Rd,Jenkintown, PA 19046.

May 26 1:30pm Rehearsal at Christ Church UCC see below.

June 7  7:30 The Folk Factory People's Choice Festival

                6900 Stenton Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                Sound Check at 7:00 pm more details in email.

                          SET LIST

                           1. Welcome 3:00

2. Peace White Dove 1:30
3. My Peace 4:00
4. South Wind (tune) 1:30

5. We Will Build This House 2:00







Christ Church, UCC

1003 West Marshall St.

Norristown, PA 19401. 


Telephone: (610) 279-2760