I'm glad that you found your way here. I have been performing traditional and vintage music for over 45 years. I am perhaps best known as a caller of square and contra dance, but I also have an international reputation as a composer of rounds. My musical compositions are for people I know and their situations and celebrations.


I see American traditional dance at its best as an expression of the individual in the context of a caring and creative community, and as a celebration of our ability to enter into such communities as we make our way through a fast-changing world. In my dance teaching I draw on my experience with the dances and children's games of the U.S.A., Quebec, and the British Isles to help contemporary communities express their "solidarity in diversity."


I sing and I play guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano, and mandolin. I teach all of the above plus a variety of music theory and composition classes. Having 33 years experience in progressive education as a music and dance specialist, I also love to teach teachers, and have quite a bit of experience there as well.


Traditional American Songs
Lyrics of Traditional American Songs for group singing
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