I've put my book, 76 Round, Canons, and Partner Songs online along with some of my choral and orchestral arrangements. You can download, or buy hard copies. I'll be expanding my catalog through the next couple of months. I hope this helps my friends to pass my music along to schools, and music directors.  

If you work in music education, look for my latest book of songs, rounds, string ensembles and fiddle tunes for young musicians, Resources. 

Please check out these as well as my choral and orchestral arrangements at and search for John Krumm.




I'm glad that you found your way here. I have been performing traditional and vintage music for over 45 years. I am perhaps best known as a caller of square and contra dance, but I also have an international reputation as a composer of rounds. My musical compositions are for people I know and their situations and celebrations.


I see American traditional dance at its best as an expression of the individual in the context of a caring and creative community, and as a celebration of our ability to enter into such communities as we make our way through a fast-changing world. In my dance teaching I draw on my experience with the dances and children's games of the U.S.A., Quebec, and the British Isles to help contemporary communities express their "solidarity in diversity."


I sing and I play guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano, and mandolin. I teach all of the above plus a variety of music theory and composition classes. Having 33 years experience in progressive education as a music and dance specialist, I also love to teach teachers, and have quite a bit of experience there as well.


Traditional American Songs
Lyrics of Traditional American Songs for group singing
Traditional Lyrics.pdf
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