Along with calling dances, performing and composing music for the last century or two, I have worked as an elementary music and dance specialist. I have a number of predesigned school residencies, and workshops for all ages. I am also familiar with the songs, dances, and games of many cultures and historical eras. I would love to personalize a program for your students. Some of my specialties are:


A residency in songwriting will focus on group composition of both the lyrics and the melody. Older groups may work in teams or possibly as individuals. An all school sing of our creations and a master CD for the school to do with as they wish, make a great culmination.

Around the World with Children's Songs and Games

This program could of any length, and will be tailored to the ages of the children. Like food and folktales the songs and games of children of other cultures connect students immediately to the deep commonalities and diversities of culture. This workshop could be a world tour, or could focus on certain cultures.

Colonial Music and Dance

Learn the songs dances and games that were the Hip Hop of Colony times. This workshop is appropriate for third grrade through adult. Like all of my workshops it is based in activity rather than lecture.

American Music and Dance Traditions

Square ad Contra Dance, Play parties and singing games. Songs that tell our stories. All of the ways that we held our communities toggether and made sense of the rapid and masssive changes we went through as we settled this country. Suitable for all ages.

Building your Singing Community

Learn songs that build social, language,and math skills. Songs that suppliment any social studies unit. Learn how to develop the skills of singing in yourself and others. Learn how to turn your school into a singing community. I think of this as a series of workhops for teachers with songs sessions for the students led both by me and the workshop participants.