John Krumm has been teaching music in the classroom, at workshops, and in private or group lessons for 37 years. Since 1981, John has been on the staff of Fiddle and Dance at Ashokan, working with the likes of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Dewey Balfa, Tiny Moore, Melvin Wine, J. P. Fraley, and many other true musical masters of our heritage traditions.

John earned his A.B. in 1971 from LaSalle University as a music major focusing on theory and composition. Since then, he has attended and presented numerous workshops in music and dance education to professionals around the world.

He is well versed in progressive educational philosophies as well as those of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly.

John believes strongly that the traditions of our elders-their music and dance-hold the answers we search for today. He believes that singing and playing music is not a talent. It is a right.

Learning for Independence

I believe in helping you to develop the tools you need to be an independent learner:

  • To find teachers in every musician you meet or play with
  • To learn from every piece of music you hear

Learning in community

Traditional music takes place in community. I will support you in...


  • Making connections with other players at sessions and dances-a crucial element of your studies.
  • Learning on the fly in these situations.
  • Playing by ear is at least as essential as reading music. We will do bot
  • Playing in ensemble with other students